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Ebr - European banking report

The European banking report Observatory is a non-profit research group established in September 1993 by ABI, in co-operation with Fitch ratings.


Today about 60 global banks and other financial institutions are part of the Ebr.


The Ebr research is focused on short-term and strategic analysis of the European banking and financial industry; its three main objectives are:

  • to investigate structure, conduct and performance of European banking and financial markets;
  • to analyze the integration process in banking and financial markets across Europe and the regulatory environment concerning both the service and product markets (fiscal, civil and banking regulation);
  • to examine the position of the Italian financial industry within both the European and international marketplace.

Embracing academics, commercial and investment banks CEOs, and leading international financial advisors from the world’s main financial centre, Ebr aims to discuss the strategic options of European financial markets in an international setting.


The Ebr research programme is carried on by three different bodies: an Advisory board, a Forum and a Research department ...
​To promote contacts among bankers, academics, economists and advisors and to encourage discussions on financial industry issues, Ebr organises ...
​The Ebr help-desk service provides real time financial and non-financial information on Italian and foreign banks to the Board, Forum, Research ...
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